jeune homme pratiquant le parkour sur set up 3 de la marque brick photo par matthieu metivet

Dare to Compose your Own Parkour Training Zones

Here is an example of a set-up so you can project yourself into your future workouts. All the basic elements are there to practice Parkour and Parkour Freestyle. This way, it is perfectly suited for confirmed students and competition level. In this arrangement, the assembly unfolds lengthwise in space to offer a multitude of movements and possible crossings, allowing for example timed races. This set-up also offers a fairly wide range of modules of different sizes and shapes for high-level Parkour Freestyle training. Each module included in this set-up can be purchased separately, and if you like it as it is, you can directly order a Kit L by contacting our team. And you are free to add other obstacles by consulting our single modules and our accessories!
set up du kit L de la marque brick

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