A boldness

From the beginning Brick took shape from a desire to inspire tracers and transmit the values of Parkour to as many people as possible. We have imagined a range of equipment to allow you to create training areas as big as your ambitions. 

We are bold, because we finally give to the practice of Parkour and Parkour Freestyle the place it deserves as a sport. Brick is therefore encouraging you to promote this urban sport and thus participate in its democratization.

Offering innovative modules so that your tracers unleash their full potential is our goal. And to do this, we called on the best athletes in the field to test and design our sports structures.

deux hommes sautent sur le module donjon de la marque brick photo de matthieu metivet
photo d'un jeune homme franchissant un mur incliné pour atteindre le donjon de la marque brick photo par matthieu metivet

Values engraved
in walls

At Brick, we daily like to start with a reminding of the values that motivates us. This is how we can give you the best of our know-how.

Tracers, these are our values:

  • Be a source of inspiration
  • Be creative
  • Be authentic
  • Be innovative

Your safety,
our priority

Designing modular and self-supporting structures is a real challenge. This is why we have decided to call on professionals in the discipline to carry out all the necessary tests and ensure your safety.

Parkour still too often suffers from its reputation as a “street sport”. A dangerous sport that would be reserved for a few chosen ones who are not afraid to practice an extreme sport.

We wanted to remedy this image by creating sports equipment adapted to club training. So that everyone can learn about the discipline. Your future tracers will cross our obstacles in complete safety whether they are beginners or ready to train for the competition.

For safety, we were inspired by gymnastic apparatus. Our landing mats are notably hard on one side and soft on the other.

photo d'un jeune homme franchissant le donjon brick photo de matthieu metivet
photo d'une femme s'exerçant au mouvement du balancier sur module brick de parkour prise par matthieu metivet

A conscious

Brick offers you modular and removable Parkour equipment to be adapted to all your situations. Therefore, we  manufactured all parts to be as robust as possible and transportable.

Mainly designed in recyclable materials, such as wood and metal, we want to offer you the best while respecting our planet.