jeune femme pratiquant le parkour

Create Flexible and Adaptable Parkour Training Areas

Unleash your potential with Brick equipment and grow your sports ambitions.

Robust and Reliable products to practice Parkour and Parkour Freestyle


Brick is helping to develop Parkour in South-East Asia!

Brick is helping to develop Parkour in South-East Asia!

Brick will be title sponsor of the Brick Parkour Asian Tour, which will be held in six countries across South-East…

Quality Commitment


Arrange your gyms with our Parkour equipment that offers great flexibility to vary the obstacles. From beginner training to competition, we have a solution for you to take your modules with you wherever you go.


Build your practice facility on your own with our user guides and our team. Our buildable range of products allows you to create Parkour structures adapted to your environment.


Brick modules are made of wood and metal to durably withstand the weight and movements of your tracers. Equipped with non-slip tapes made from recycled rubber, we ensure stability and integrity of our obstacles.


All our modules have been designed to meet the needs of our discipline.

By adopting Brick , you offer reliable sports facilities to practice Parkour in complete safety.

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