This year we made our presence felt at one of the World’s Biggest Action Sports Festivals, FISE Montpellier with not 1 not 2 but 3 Brick Parkour Areas for all ages and levels to access and enjoy the joys of Parkour. From 17 -21 May we set up 3 Zones, the first Zone was the “Training Zone”, the second was the “”FIG Academy Zone” and the 3rd area was the actual “Course” that some of the World’s best athletes competed on.

Through these 3 zones we were able to achieve our ambition of Providing the best possible experience for all levels of Practitioners. The “FIG Academy zone” was a fun and introductory experience for those who had never tried Parkour before. The “Training Zone” provided a creative set up which allowed athletes to train before the competition and ensure they were ready to compete. The “Course” provided an elite and challenging experience for the athletes and enabled them to show the Top level of their Skills to the huge crowds that came to cheer them on!

We will be back next year so make sure to join us for an unbeatable Parkour Experience!!!